Traditional Malay medicine encompasses various kinds of ritual ceremonies intended to communicate with the world of spirits to determine whether the nature of an illness is physical or psychological. In such ceremonies, the aim is to summon and exorcise the spirits causing illness. A ritualist serves as a medium, and a small ensemble often provides the musical component.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Tamarind for sore throat

The ripe fruit, on an average, comprises about 55% tamarind pulp, 33% seeds and about 12% fiber.

The fleshy tamarind contains a fibrous husk which can be removed by sieving, after making a pulp of tamarind with water. Gargle of tamarind water is beneficial in the treatment of sore throat. The potion should be prepared by boiling tamarind in water.

A powder of the dry leaves can also be beneficially used as a gargle for sore throat. An infusion, of the bark is equally useful for this purpose.

Pharyngitis is a disease of some part of the throat and sometimes referred to simply as sore throat tonsillitis. Pharyngitis is one of the most commonplaces of upper respiratory tract infections.

Simple acute pharyngitis is self-limiting and usually appears rather suddenly with a feeling of dryness and soreness in the throat.

Tamarind is also medicinally used for treating bronchial disorders, and it is also known for the digestive and laxative qualities.
Tamarind for sore throat

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