Traditional Malay medicine encompasses various kinds of ritual ceremonies intended to communicate with the world of spirits to determine whether the nature of an illness is physical or psychological. In such ceremonies, the aim is to summon and exorcise the spirits causing illness. A ritualist serves as a medium, and a small ensemble often provides the musical component.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Minyak pengasih

Love magic using minyak pengasih is widely practiced in Malay villages even until present day. It is considered unfair to its victim and dangerous to others.

Minyak pengasih is a love potion used to turn around girl’s feeling towards the man who in love with her. It also can happened the other way around. Young women may use minyak pengasih to make themselves loved by man.

Everyone fears being affected by minyak pengasih, yet at the same time, everyone also wishes to own them in order to posses the power to control others.

Other of possibility of using it when meeting a socially superior outsider, so as to make the other lean towards flavoring the user of the oil. By using the minyak pengasih it will brighten the face of the user.

Minyak pengasih sometimes prepared from dead man chin’s. This called minyak dagu. While according others it can be prepared from tear drops of sea cows. It is the strongest minyak pengasih.
Minyak pengasih
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