Traditional Malay medicine encompasses various kinds of ritual ceremonies intended to communicate with the world of spirits to determine whether the nature of an illness is physical or psychological. In such ceremonies, the aim is to summon and exorcise the spirits causing illness. A ritualist serves as a medium, and a small ensemble often provides the musical component.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Medical properties of onion

In the mid-19th century, the onion was a favorable pot vegetables of people who had once shunned it and no curry could do without it. Onions are a member of the 500-plus allium family. While garlic, another allium, has been highly touted as a cancer preventative, most people consume far greater quantities of onions.

According to the ancient Egyptians, spherical bulb of garlic was a symbol of the universe and they believe that the onions kept Evil spirits away.

The onion has been used as a diuretic in traditional medicine and recent research has indicated its role in suppressing blood sugar levels and platelet aggregation.
Onion also been used externally to treat boils, felons, wounds and stings, and internally to relieve coughs, bronchitis, asthma, gastrointestinal disorders and headache.

In modern medicine, onions help prevent thrombosis and reduce hypertension, according to the American Heart Association. The juice of one yellow or white onion a day can raise HDL cholesterol (the good stuff) by 30% over time.

The active anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory ingredients of the onion are flavonoids, which are capable of releasing histamine.
Medical properties of onion
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