Traditional Malay medicine encompasses various kinds of ritual ceremonies intended to communicate with the world of spirits to determine whether the nature of an illness is physical or psychological. In such ceremonies, the aim is to summon and exorcise the spirits causing illness. A ritualist serves as a medium, and a small ensemble often provides the musical component.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Lime paste

Betel leafs are chewed by the older generation of Indians with an assortment of spices. It is a a proactive that is belied to strengthen the teeth and gums as well as provide for coughs and asthma.
To make a betel-leaf chew, and the leaf is smeared with lime paste and then sprinkled with mixture of crushed betel nuts and spices and herbs, such as cardamom and aniseeds.

 Lime paste health benefits including:
*Useful for arthritis, joint pain, knee pain
*Good for healthy skin
Lime paste
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