Traditional Malay medicine encompasses various kinds of ritual ceremonies intended to communicate with the world of spirits to determine whether the nature of an illness is physical or psychological. In such ceremonies, the aim is to summon and exorcise the spirits causing illness. A ritualist serves as a medium, and a small ensemble often provides the musical component.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

What is pulut kuning?

Pulut kuning is glutinous rice cooked with coconut milk and turmeric. This celebratory dish is usually served with curries during weddings and special occasions by the Malay community in Malaysia.

Yellow is the color of royalty in Malaysia, it is often use in Malay Magic as a symbol of the Sultan’s protection of his subjects.

Spirits fear the Sultan’s power since all Malay sultans are considered to be descendants of King Solomon who subjugated the genies. The color yellow also signifies good fortune, and wealth.

Pulut kuning is one of the items for preparation of the offerings for the spirits soon to be invoked during opening ceremony or buka gelanggang of silat. It is also use for other ceremonial occasions such weddings, circumcisions, a new bay’s naming ceremony, and melenggang perut.
What is pulut kuning?
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